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A Beaconsfield Chemist Servicing The Community

Centre Square Pharmacy is a Beaconsfield chemist dedicated to serving the community. We proudly stock all of your medicinal needs. We are conveniently located in Officer’s One Centre Square Medical Hub to service the community with all their pharmaceutical needs. We provide a state of the art compounding service that creates advanced medical solutions for all our patients.


Our passion lies in ensuring each of our patients receives the medication they require to lead a happier life. This includes the prescription of cannabis products to treat various ailments. We compound aspects of the marijuana plant into various ingestible treatments for people to take the medicine without discomfort. We also offer a delivery service that ensures you receive the medication you need when you need it!

What Sets Our Beaconsfield Pharmacy Apart?

You can trust that our compounding service will produce the medication you need. It’s for this reason among others that makes this service so preferable to conventional chemist offers. There are myriad reasons why compounding is the preferable method for prescribing medication, including:


●       Personalised Solutions: Many patients don’t achieve the same results using commercially-available medication. For example, they might require a solution that incorporates cannabis to treat ailments like anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, insomnia or something different. Typical commercially-available medicines don’t contain cannabis although it can be vital for alleviating pain or discomfort. We work closely with patients and healthcare providers to develop solutions that pertain to their individual needs. What’s more, our chemist can compound medication to different forms, flavours and dosages to ensure it is comfortable for the patient to ingest!

●       Various Administration Methods: Our pharmacy doesn’t restrict patients to ingesting hard-to-swallow pills and tablets. Instead, we can create liquids and topical creams that are much easier to administrate. If you live in the Beaconsfield area and have trouble swallowing conventional medication then our solutions could be perfect for you. Perhaps it could be as easy as applying a transdermal gel or cream to apply your medication.

●       Allergy Avoidance: Many patients have particular allergies that makes it impossible to take an imperative commercial medicine. This can be very distressing, especially if they need the medicine to alleviate serious pain or discomfort. Thankfully, our compounding pharmacy exists to provide alternatives to the solution that may otherwise cause a negative reaction. All you have to do is consult with your healthcare provider to come up with a solution that bypasses this risk and our team will do the compounding!

●       Discontinued Medicine: If you are accustomed to taking a medicine that has been discontinued, our chemist can help you there, too! We can produce a solution that imitates or closely resembles the solution you were taking before it was discontinued. This ensures that you will continue to experience that medication’s benefits.

Want To Find Out More From Our Beaconsfield Pharmacy?

Please feel free to get in contact with our chemist if you are interested in learning more about our compound and cannabis service. There are many people in the Beaconsfield region that can benefit from our pharmacy services. If you have any aversion towards taking commercial medication or are without a discontinued solution then our service could be perfect for you.


So, if you would like to find out more please call us on (03) 5942 6008 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page. And, if possible, visit us at our Officer location with your script and we will go to work on compounding your solution!

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