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Find Trusted Compounding Chemists at Centre Square Pharmacy Near Pakenham

Medications don’t always work the same way for every individual and may require adjustments to be effective for their ailments. A compounding pharmacy is capable of tailoring prescriptions according to your specific health needs, especially if you are allergic to an ingredient in the existing medication or may need an uncommon treatment (such as, cannabis medicine).


At Centre Square Pharmacy, we provide a range of services (i.e., medical equipment rentals, medication packing, medication compounding and deliveries) to ensure you have a comfortable experience in processing your prescription and with any other medicinal needs. Our compounding chemists are well-versed in meticulously preparing your customised prescription so you can consume your medication with complete ease.

Why Should You Go to a Compounding Pharmacy in Pakenham?

Centre Square Pharmacy employs chemists who have received specialised training in the art and science of pharmaceutical compounding to handle every type of prescription, even those that might require cannabis. They can create medications in unique dosages and forms that might not be available at traditional pharmacies. For Pakenham patients who have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients in medicines, our compounding pharmacy can create medications that are free of those ingredients. They can also formulate medicine free of preservatives, dyes, and other potential allergens.


One of the most significant advantages of a compounding pharmacy and chemist is the ability to create personalised medicines that meet unique patient needs (i.e., a patient requires a cannabis-based treatment). For example, a patient who has difficulty swallowing pills may benefit from a treatment that is formulated as a liquid, gel, or cream. A compounding pharmacy can also create cannabis treatments and flavour-based medications to make them more palatable for patients, especially children.


Another advantage of compounding pharmacies is the ability to create medications that are not commercially available. Some medicines (e.g. cannabis) may be in short supply or may no longer be in production by pharmaceutical manufacturers. In these cases, a compounding pharmacy can create the medication needed by the patient.

What is the Process of Compounding Medicine?

The process of compounding medicine involves creating customised medications tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. There are a number of steps that our compounding pharmacy in Pakenham follows when adjusting prescriptions, such as:  


  • Hold a Consultation: The process starts with a consultation between the patient and our compounding chemist. Our chemist will discuss the patient's medical history, symptoms, and medications to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

  • Prescription: Once the treatment plan is established, the chemist will provide a prescription for the medication, including the required ingredients, dosage, and dosage form.


  • Ingredient Selection: Centre Square Pharmacy’s expert chemists select the necessary ingredients (e.g., cannabis) and determine the appropriate proportions needed to create the medication. They will ensure that each ingredient is of the highest quality and potency.


  • Get Compounding: Our chemists will combine the ingredients using specialised equipment and techniques to ensure the medication is uniform and consistent. The medicine may be in the form of capsules, tablets, creams, ointments, suppositories, or other forms, depending on the prescription and the specific needs of the patient.


  • Quality Control: The medication will undergo strict quality control testing to ensure that it meets the necessary standards for potency, purity, and stability. This can be especially important for cannabis-based treatment plans.


  • Packaging and Labeling: Once the medication is approved, it will be packaged and labelled with the patient's name, the medicine name, the dosage, and the expiration date.


  • Patient Education: Our compounding Pakenham chemist will then educate the patient on how to use the medicine properly, any potential side effects, and other important information.

Get Started with Centre Square Pharmacy’s Compounding Chemists in Pakenham Today!

Connect with our team of professionals near Pakenham at (03) 5942 6008 or fill out our enquiry form for any further information you may require.

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